I hope this note finds you and your family well. I want to wish you a very Holy, Holy Week and a very Happy Easter.
I was fortunate to be able to “Zoom-in” on the Catholic Men’s Conference this past Saturday from 0900-1200.
I will describe the take-aways from the guest speakers in the next Newsletter but I want to share with you some thoughts from Bishop Coyne as he opened the conference.
Contemplate the companionship of our Lord. He selected the 12, then 72 more disciples. He always sent them out in twos, never alone. Read the different passion narratives and contemplate them, unhurried-like sitting in an innertube on a lazy river being swept down by a slow current. Consider how our Lord accepted his fate, including the separation, loneliness and abandonment He must have felt.
Consider the importance of the Paschal Mystery as you experience the Easter Triduum. Like one long Mass over three days. Seek reconciliation. 
Please add Mike and Pam Audette to your prayer list as they are facing serious medical issues. 
Finally, I highly recommend you sign up for the monthly series, KnightCast. The content is inspiring. Features interviews with the Supreme Knight and others on issues of concern for all of us. 
You can find it at kofc.org/knightcast.

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