Please pray for the following people who are ill or in distress and their families;

Robert (Bob) Gravelin, Keith Marston, Gary Howe and Family, Family of the late Paul Pouliot, Christopher Haley (homeless veteran), Parker Yvonne Lyon (Granddaughter of Tom Gravelin) and mom and dad Ellen and Garrett, sister Clara Lynn, Patricia Brown, Patricia Stevens, Amy and her mother (22 year old woman fighting cancer at Dana-Farber), Kevin and Chad Limoge, Vickie Linton (relative of DD3), George Stevens, James Read, Richard Waite, Robert Morris, Gene Tofferi, Mike and Pam Audette, Joe Myers and Family, Jeffrey Claude Danis and family, Tom Westropp, Andrew Bolognani, PSD/PGK Don Sutton, Family of the late Ray Newman, Ray Miller, Stuart Fath, David Bullock (chemo), Yvonne Gravelin, Harold Ponto, Wally Rooney, PGK Bob Audette, Bob Wilkens, Gerry Malavenda, Ed and Theresa Curtiss, all clergy and religious, victims and families of COVID-19, First Responders, peace in Eastern Europe, the defeat of the “Personal Reproductive Liberty Amendment” in Vermont, and for new Members to join the Order.

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