This write up assumes you do not have a licensed product of Adobe installed as the features for form-fill and e-signature are included when dealing with their .pdf documents. Adobe’s business plan has changed and they are now charging for these services and diminishing print resolutions if you use an unlicensed free Adobe Reader. We have paid for PDFescape  at 1/2 the cost which is licensed to one user so we have to be creative using it.  You must be a registered member to use this feature so if you have not done this step cut and past or click this link to learn how:

Sign In and navigate to the Member Tab and click the ∨ and more options appear below. Find Annual Survey and select.  From mobile devices, this option is on the left Menu2 option under Members. The Annual Survey Page is designed so you can print or create a .pdf file or email the blank copy to where ever.  The brown colored button above labeled Auto [Fill With PDFescape] will guide you how to proceed with signing in to the product and creating your document to fill out.  The following is the pop-up dialog.

Filling in the Annual Survey On-Line

If you wish to fill out the Annual Survey On-Line, click the Auto Fill with PDFescape button. After PDFescape launches, you are asked to login. Enter: User Name Password:   Survey2021!    check I’m not a robot  and then press the Login button

PDFescape allows you to view recent documents. Click the Review option.  You should see a list of Annual Surveys.  Look for document  “individual_survey1728a_p”.

Duplicate this by pressing the duplicate icon on the left. Then use the pencil on the right to change the name of your new document to be “Rick Gravelin 2021 Annual Survey ” or use your Member Number instead of your name. Then click on the document name to open it to edit. When you are done, look for Recent in the header options. This will send you back to the list.

After you are finished filling out the survey numbers, look to the left side options to Save your document.  Also, there are options for you so you can save your document, save & download pdf, and print your document.

The below photo gallery shows you the screens.

There is no album selected or the gallery was deleted.


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