Make Your Website Visit Positive.

This document explores some infrastructure items for your desktop and mobile devices to make your website visit easy and positive.

There is an option under Google Settings called Autofill.  Tapping this option will make your visit even more friendly by entering you user name/email address and password for you when you visit you website.

Selecting Autofill, then Passwords you are taken to a third screen:

Turning on the top two switches will allow google to remember your passwords and auto fill them for you. All you have to do is press enter.


There are now four different entry points into your website.

Instructions below can be followed for each entry point.





You can create device options on your desktop for each of this options, if you wish, which will allow you to quickly access our website.  Only options 1 and 2 allow you to register to use this site so if you are new to the site you will need to use one these options. The …/a1 option presents you with a survey.

How to add “ to your Home Screen”

  1. Launch “Chrome” app.

  2. Open or just to home screen.

  3. Tap the Browser’s menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner) where a dropdown menu appears, and tap Add to Home Screen.

  4. You’ll be able to enter the name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.

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How to create a website shortcut on to your iPhone desktop

Using Safari on iOS 9 and iOS 10 you can hold down the reload icon in the address bar (top right) and then select “Request Desktop Site”. You can also tap the share icon (bottom of browser, next to forward arrow), then scroll across to “Request Desktop Site”.

How to create a website shortcut on to your safari desktop site?

In the settings menu, scroll down and tap on “Safari”. This will take you to Safari preferences. Here, scroll down and choose “Request Desktop Website” located under the Settings for Websites category, as shown below. From here, use the toggle to request desktop version automatically on all websites.


How to Set the “Request Desktop Site” on your iPhone

Listed below are the steps one can follow to view the desktop version of a website in Safari running on iPhone (iOS 13)

Open the Safari browser and navigate to any website.

Once the website loads, click the “aA” icon available in the top corner positioned before the address bar. It opens the website view menu.

From the available options, choose the “Request Desktop Website” option.


How to permanently enable desktop sites in Chrome on Android devices.

Permanently enable desktop sites in Chrome on Android

  1. Launch chrome from your mobile device

  2. Visit chrome://flags

  3. Search for “desktop”, then find “Global setting to request desktop site on Android“, select Enabled and restart the browser.


  1. Tap on menu , select Settings> Site Settings > Desktop Site> enable toggle to “Request the desktop

You may do step 4 without using steps 1 thru 3 but the change will not be persistent.



New Financial Features

Two new options have been added to make managing expense report submission and voucher submission and the second signature capture very simple, fast, and effective. This is available for the Assembly as well.

When you need to submit expenses for reimbursement this can be done very easily by accessing Quick Options.

Our Financial Secretary, Worthy, Charlie Brown can now create a voucher on the website where the process is designed to send a pre-formatted voucher to our Worthy Grand Knight in the form of an email and a separate PDF document where our GK can either sign the email (email signature extension loaded on a browser free) or can sign the PDF using a PDF signature Tool (Adobe $) return the voucher to Treasurer with an added email address to our QuickBooks which will load the voucher into QuickBooks, automatically. Our Grand Knight is the only person authorized to do this send to QuickBooks by email.

The easiest way to do these tasks by mobile phone is to type in the URL area in your browser where you can sign in and see the buttons. Only the FS has access to the Create Voucher button.

Another way to access the quick options is by going to on your mobile device and pressing the left-hand hamburger menu. You will find Quick Options. Sign in and you can have access to options quickly.

Accessing this feature from a desk-top or lap-top has been added to the drop-down menu under the option Member where you will get the same buttons but with Assembly post on the left, and Council posts on the right. You must sign in normally to see this option.

Website Fear, faithbook

Worthy Fellow Knights;

Website Fear

If you are afraid to use the website because you are afraid to do something that might damage our website “be not afraid” jp2. The website cannot be damaged by things you do. Feel free to try everything available. Nothing can be deleted nor users removed by anyone other than the Administrator. All options that are available to you cannot harm anything. If you see or experience something odd you can report it to the webmaster. The option to do this is at the bottom of most pages.


A new option now appears on your menu. This is called “faithbook” which navigates you to a new social style area of the website. The vision for this faith-based social area is to be able to invite your wives, children, and friends to join in our faith experiences within the council with a full featured social activity board away from our members working area (main site). My vision is when a new person that’s not a member wants to join our site, the administrator will vet them assigning them the roll of “family, friends” which gives them a very limited access to the member site. When they sign in, they are directed to faithbook automatically. The activity on this site does not get exposed to the outside world. It’s totally internal.

I have developed a Logo for this section:

It is my recommendation that this logo be registered with $45.00 Discussions are invited.

Filling Out The Annual Survey Form 1728a On Our Website.

This write up assumes you do not have a licensed product of Adobe installed as the features for form-fill and e-signature are included when dealing with their .pdf documents. Adobe’s business plan has changed and they are now charging for these services and diminishing print resolutions if you use an unlicensed free Adobe Reader. We have paid for PDFescape  at 1/2 the cost which is licensed to one user so we have to be creative using it.  You must be a registered member to use this feature so if you have not done this step cut and past or click this link to learn how:

Sign In and navigate to the Member Tab and click the ∨ and more options appear below. Find Annual Survey and select.  From mobile devices, this option is on the left Menu2 option under Members. The Annual Survey Page is designed so you can print or create a .pdf file or email the blank copy to where ever.  The brown colored button above labeled Auto [Fill With PDFescape] will guide you how to proceed with signing in to the product and creating your document to fill out.  The following is the pop-up dialog.

Filling in the Annual Survey On-Line

If you wish to fill out the Annual Survey On-Line, click the Auto Fill with PDFescape button. After PDFescape launches, you are asked to login. Enter: User Name Password:   Survey2021!    check I’m not a robot  and then press the Login button

PDFescape allows you to view recent documents. Click the Review option.  You should see a list of Annual Surveys.  Look for document  “individual_survey1728a_p”.

Duplicate this by pressing the duplicate icon on the left. Then use the pencil on the right to change the name of your new document to be “Rick Gravelin 2021 Annual Survey ” or use your Member Number instead of your name. Then click on the document name to open it to edit. When you are done, look for Recent in the header options. This will send you back to the list.

After you are finished filling out the survey numbers, look to the left side options to Save your document.  Also, there are options for you so you can save your document, save & download pdf, and print your document.

The below photo gallery shows you the screens.

There is no album selected or the gallery was deleted.


Website News

Website News

Projects/My Tasks

New functionality has been added to our website to help manage council and assembly projects. I have been using this feature to set the five main KofC projects of Faith, Family, Community, Life and Other as described on the Annual Survey.  Members can add their own activities, time, and treasure to these to help keep track of good deeds through the year and improve your annual survey numbers.

I added two projects to help with website design and Service quest issues.

We are now using Project Manager to help with the Anchor Award for 2021 and it appears this is proving to be stress reliever for Mike Bullock and others.  Other projects can be added as needed.

If you add a new project, it is important that you add tasks in order log your activities.  Members are also required to share the load and responsibilities.


Social Media Features

In the last few weeks, I have been working on the social networking features for the website and connecting to Facebook.  We now have a Facebook page and presence, but we are not doing any advertising yet.  This needs to be addressed.   I’m not happy with the front page. It’s a WIP. You can view it at

Along with this linking I found a plugin that will take our Events and send them over to our Facebook page’s timeline.  It’s not automated, and you must select the event and intend to send it.  Cost is extra to automate.

If you wish to expand your profiles to include which social media platforms you support, you can now update your profiles to add the social links in the appropriate fields.  Ultimate Member only supports the basics like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.  These links get added to your profile when members view you from the Members page and Profile Page.  Messenger is not one of the options yet.

And the best is saved for last.  There is now an on-line chat feature that shows up in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.  This is like the “who is online” feature in the upper left corner of the Members page  but you can now chat with who is online.  Data is not stored, and chat is private only to our site and members.

All these advances have been free.

Login and enjoy, don’t be afraid.  It’s a tool for us.

God Bless,


How To Register or Sign-In to The South Burlington Council 7525 Website

   Our new website is up and running with powerful tools to help all of us on our journey to continue the works of faith, family, community, and life.  This site has two parts – Front Page for the general public and  Registered Member Pages and Options for members who are signed up (registered) and signed in. The sign in process can be the biggest obstacle for new users.  

Type this URL in your browser:  

Steps:  Register (when first time user)  or Sign In. 

Our new website requires that you be a registered user to use the functions beyond the first Front page. The Front page is designed to entice new members to join our Council.  To use the website as a member you must first register. Registration to the site is a one time event.  If you are already registered with this site, then just sign in. 

If you are an iPhone, Android, iPad or Notebook user the menu options are hidden under the [multiple bars] in the upper right hand corner.

If you are using a laptop or desk top, The red Sign In menu option is in the upper right corner of the home page.

When the Sign In menu option is pressed once, a [Help] button in red is displayed. This is there to help you with the sign in process.

When pressing the [Sign In] button again, you are presented with the Sign In screen which asks for a [user name or email address] and a [password]. If you have been through the registration process before, you only need to fill these fields as you know them, check the “I am not a robot” box and then press the lower left, [Sign In] button.

For those who have not registered you may find the red [Help] menu option helpful before pressing the red [Sign In] button again. The registration process is initiated from the Sign In screen by pressing the big grey [Register Button] right of the [Sign In] button. You must fill in a few more details and establish a password for your account. (Please write down your password so you will remember it.) Once you fill out the required information and check the “I am not a robot” box, press the [Register] button and you will be redirected to your profile page. This means you are registered and  able to customize your profile page. The profile page is just for you so you can add more information like a photo of your self and a background image. If you wish, you can navigate to other page options from the top menus.

At this point you should Logout and try to Sign In again only this time using your new credentials and pressing the [Sign In] button.  If it works, you will be directed to the screen determined by your user role “Subscribed” which is assigned by the website automatically. (If your Google, Microsoft Edge or Yahoo web browser shows a side pop-up notice to remember your password,  press OK). The user role that you have been assigned is “Subscriber” and very limited. When you complete the registration process, the webmaster gets a new-user notice via email. The webmaster will then take action and determine your identity and establish your user role based on your standing in the Council/Assembly. This could take some time so be patient. The webmaster will assign your member number which is stored as a non-visible field but is used to determine the Council/Assembly positions currently holding or held in the past. If you are an officer, the appropriate jewel will be added to your profile and your user role will be changed accordingly.

If you got the the save password pop up screen when you sign in again, your username or email address will be automatically filled in for you. If not, just enter it again manually.

If you forget your password, it is best to click on the [Forgot your password?] text link. This will take you though a process to reset your password. It asks you for your email and sends an email to that email address along with a link in the email to do a reset password. Navigate to your email. If you don’t see it, check your trash or spam folders and check that your email address was entered correctly. When found, click on the link in the text and it will present you a change password screen. Once changed, navigate back to the Sign in page and try again with the new password. If you have more than 3 failed sign in attempts, you will automatically be listed and locked out for 18 minutes. If you can not wait that long, you can call the webmaster (802) 862-2240 and he can reset it for you.

The reCaptcha check box is a Google product designed to block the AI (artificial Intelligent) software robots from logging in. These little robots are attached to unsuspecting user devises as malware or spyware. The Captcha process puts a human interface between the login and website access. Sometimes it will display a set of pictures and you have to decide which ones are similar. Most of the time it just displays the check box  to check. Other times it may ask a math question, but I have not seen that with the version we are using. We are being attacked daily so we have two layers of protection.

Hope this is helpful. 

God Bless.

Rick Gravelin, Treasurer/Webmaster