Handicap Ramp

Handicap Ramp

AgeWell request for a handicapped person residing in Waterbury.  The client needed a ramp to enter/exit the residence.  This ramp was approximately 15 feet in length and included an outdoor anti-skid carpet to prevent slipping during the cold months.  Photo of the finished ramp is attached.  Total time to complete this project was 16.5 hour and required a total of 130 miles of travel over the two days it took to complete.

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Age Well Volunteer

The services that my wife Sandy and I provide for Age Well are delivering for Meals on Wheels and doing grocery shopping for shut-ins.  One extra task that was completed included a move of furnishings for an elderly veteran.  For the first quarter of 2021, we have logged almost 900 miles of travel, volunteered 123 hours and delivered about 150 meals.