Louis J. Trono Assembly 2106, Color Corps

Our Worthy Sir Knights are here to help out at bereavements, funerals, and special Catholic events supporting the Diocese of Burlington Vermont.  Use this contact form to contact us if you need our services.


Color Corp Request Contact Form (#5)


160 Hinesburg Road

South Burlington, VT 05403

Phone 802 497 0152



Louis J. Trono Assembly 2106

160A Hinesburg Road

South Burlington, VT 05403

Worthy Council 7525 Officers for 2020-2021:

Grand Knight: Mike Bullock
Deputy Grand Knight: Dave Martin
Financial Secretary: Charles Brown
Chancellor: Dick Sevens
Recorder: Ray Michaud
Treasurer: Richard Gravelin
Advocate: Tom Buzzell
Warden: Jay Benson
Inside Guard: Dinh Dang
Outside Guard: Doan Vu
One Year Trustee: Ken Jarvis
Two Year Trustee: Ted Barrett
Three Year Trustee: Tom Gravelin
Chaplain: Fr. Tim Naples
Lecturer: Bernie Prendergast

The 4th Degree Assembly following Sir Knights.

Faitfhul Nav.: SK Rick Gravelin
Faithful Comp.: SK Charles Brown
Faithful Capt.: SK Ted Barrett
Faithful Adm.: SK Dick Stevens
Faithful Purser: SK Ray Michaud
Faithful Pilot: SK Jim Girouard
Faithful Scribe: SK Bernie Pendergast
Faithful Inner Sent.: SK Doan Vu
Faithful Outer Sent.: SK Dave Martin
Faithful Trustee (1 yr.): SK Tom Gravelin
Faithful Trustee (2 yr.): SK Ali Nasab
Faithful Trustee (3 yr.): SK Mike Bullock

Sir Knight and Fr. Tim Naples continues in the role of Faithful Friar