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160 Hinesburg Road

South Burlington, VT 05403

Phone 802 497 0152



KofC Council #7525

160A Hinesburg Road

South Burlington, VT 05403

Worthy Council 7525 Officers for 2020-2021:

Grand Knight: Mike Bullock
Deputy Grand Knight: Dave Martin
Financial Secretary: Charles Brown
Chancellor: Dick Sevens
Recorder: Ray Michaud
Treasurer: Richard Gravelin
Advocate: Tom Buzzell
Warden: Jay Benson
Inside Guard: Dinh Dang
Outside Guard: Doan Vu
One Year Trustee: Ken Jarvis
Two Year Trustee: Ted Barrett
Three Year Trustee: Tom Gravelin
Chaplain: Fr. Tim Naples
Lecturer: Bernie Prendergast

The 4th Degree Assembly following Sir Knights.

Faitfhul Nav.: SK Rick Gravelin
Faithful Comp.: SK Charles Brown
Faithful Capt.: SK Ted Barrett
Faithful Adm.: SK Dick Stevens
Faithful Purser: SK Ray Michaud
Faithful Pilot: SK Jim Girouard
Faithful Scribe: SK Bernie Pendergast
Faithful Inner Sent.: SK Doan Vu
Faithful Outer Sent.: SK Dave Martin
Faithful Trustee (1 yr.): SK Tom Gravelin
Faithful Trustee (2 yr.): SK Ali Nasab
Faithful Trustee (3 yr.): SK Mike Bullock

Sir Knight and Fr. Tim Naples continues in the role of Faithful Friar