Right To Life Dinner 9/23

Please voucher for a check to cover the Right To Life Dinner. 

WGN Mike approved me to buy cups, small plates, aluminum foil, and plastic forks for SJV Parish Hall as they are out of just about everything. 

, Submitted by: Richard A Gravelin, Submitter Email: rickgravelin@gmail.com, Purchased From: Costco and Performance Food Service, Website Url: https://kofcvt.org, Purchase Date: 09/18/2023, Purchase Amount: 1000.00

Bingo Supplies

This expense is for bingo paper, pop-open tickets and dabbers.


Address for place of business is  on attached invoice.

, Submitted by: Ray Michaud, Submitter Email: sirequitem@gmail.com, Purchased From: BBS Gaming, Website Url: https://bbsgaming.com, Purchase Date: 08/01/2023, Purchase Amount: 832.46

St. John Vianney Parish Sign Project

September 11, 2023

Reimburstment Request


St. John Vianney Parish Sign


Sign Material HDU (high density urethane) $180.00

Paint $120.00

Labor Free


Total $300.00

Make check payable to: Jay Benson

, Submitted by: Jay Benson, Submitter Email: jaybenson@hotmail.com, Purchased From: various, Website Url: , Purchase Date: 09/11/2023, Purchase Amount: 300.00

Remote PC renewal

Annual Remote Pc Renewal

, Submitted by: Rick Gravelin, Submitter Email: rickgravelin@gmail.com, Purchased From: https://www.remotepc.com/, Website Url: https://www.remotepc.com/, Purchase Date: 08/19/2023, Purchase Amount: 69.50