Mariette Nadeau

Mariette lives in Building 5 at the Pines at 

5 Aspen Drive, Apt 119

South Burlington, Vt 05403  

Compression Fracture and Hip Surgery

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Life Status: Living : Title: Jason & Family’s Salvation

Please, pray for Jason, Michele, and their families’ salvation. Jason doesn’t believe God exists and Michele doesn’t think he needs to have a personal relationship. Please pray that they are saved, they return to Tecla and I, and we follow God together. Thank you!  

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Beth Doyon



Jamie Gravelin

10:52 AM (3 hours ago)

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Hi everyone, it is with a heavy heart that I need to inform you that our cousin Beth has passed away last night. 
Deb informed me that Beth has been battling health issues for some time now and she succumbed to cardiac arrest. 
No information on any services at this time as she wished to be cremated and ashes scattered. 
Be well,
Jamie Gravelin

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