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Council Warning (#20)

Super Bingo $1,000 Game Cover

Shall the council vote to pay the winner of one of the Super Bingo Games in the amount of $1,000. Our start-up cost for the Super Bingo is $14,200. We will get all of that back. So far only $2,500 of the total game winnings of $9,550 have been covered. Every donation...

Past Dues Amnesty

Should the council provide dues amnesty for returning members?  According to WFS Charles Brown we have 28 inactive members not paying dues. Of that number several have moved out-of-state. A few others are still active in their respective parishes, but not the council....

Council Support to CTKT Super Bingo

Shall the Council vote to cover a Super Bingo Game in the amount of $500 in order to provide additional funds for kids with cancer.

Disbursement of Fish Fry Net Proceeds

Worthy Warden Jay Benson has provided a Fish Fry Report. Ticket Sales: 80 people:            $1,205.00                                         Expenses:             $  688.04                                          Net credit:           $  516.96 Shall the Council...

Delegates and Alternates to the 126th Annual VT State Convention

Will the Council approve the following slate of delegates and alternates to the 126th Annual State Convention: Delegates: Michael Bullock, GK Member #: 4837716 Tom Gravelin, PGK Member #: 4141926 Alternates: David Martin, DGK Member #: 4529217 Ray Michaud, PGK Member...