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Shall the Council make any changes to the current approved Budget

The Trustees recommended last month that the Council pay the remaining budgeted expenses in the amount $5,700. We have paid all but $2,565 at this time. One of our officers objected citing our recent $100k donation to the Catholic Fund. The idea is we roll those...

Shall the Council Vote to Elect the Nominated Officers

The Trustees have prepared a list of viable candidates to fill Council Officer Vacancies. The Council must vote to elect these officers for the July 1, 2022 though 30 JUN 2023 term. 

Expenditure of remaining Budget Items before end of fraternal year

Although the expenditures recommended by the Worthy Trustees in the total amount of  $5,700 are already in the Budget, will the Council vote to pay these charities before June 30th, 2022. 

Archie Myers Scholarships

Although the annual scholarship proceeds in the amount of $1,500 are in the budget, will the council vote to split the scholarship equally between two applicants? Andrew M Gervia and Eric P Guezek-Nasab have both submitted applications this term. See the Newsletter...

Breakfast at Saint Catherine and Saint John Vianney in May

Shall the council invest up to $250 for food, and additional amounts for placemats, condiments, paper products, and manpower to plan, prepare and serve breakfast at St Catherine of Siena and Saint John Vianney Parishes in May. It being understood that the council...