Business Meeting Start Time Change from 7 to 6:30 PM

Shall the Council vote to move up the regular business meeting start time from 7 PM to 6:30 PM. For the past several months we have finished dinner before 6:30 PM and then waited (sometimes impatiently) for the start of the meeting at 7 PM. An earlier start time would allow us to get folks home early, or allow for the Assembly to meet after the Council Meeting. 

Council Budget 2022-2023 funded by Morgan Stanley

Council Budget 2022-2023 funded by Morgan Stanley

Shall the Council vote to approve the 2022-2023 Budget as proposed by the Trustees and Budget Committee? If so will the Council authorize the Trustees to have the budget deficit made up with a deduction from the Morgan Stanley Investment Account? (Proposed budget is $15,934 irrespective of any net annual dues collected) Checking balance is $10,574 after payment of final 2021-2022 obligations. Difference of $5,360 to be deducted from the MS Account. MS balance at time of proposal was $377,401 with $20,000 obligated to the Vermont Catholic Donor Advised Fund.

Shall the Council make any changes to the current approved Budget

The Trustees recommended last month that the Council pay the remaining budgeted expenses in the amount $5,700. We have paid all but $2,565 at this time. One of our officers objected citing our recent $100k donation to the Catholic Fund. The idea is we roll those monies over to the next budget to mitigate the withdrawal from Morgan Stanley. If we make the payments as planned and approved our final balance will be $7,782.13. If we withhold the payments (including $1500 to SJV) we would have an additional $2,565. So far the draft proposed budget for 2022-23 is $17,178. 




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