2024 Draft Council_Budget_Proposal_23-24

Budget Worksheet
ItemDescriptionDescription 2ProposedCommentBudget CommitteeNot UsedTrusteesNot UsedOfficersNot UsedCouncilProgramDirectorNot Used
1St. Anne's Shrine$0Historical$0 $0$0FaithMike Bullock
2Louis Trono Assy$600$600 $600$600CommunityBrad Chenette
3SB Food Shelf$500$500 $500$500FamilyRay Michaud
4Coats For Kids$500$500 $500$500CommuityBrad Chenette
5Internet$1,557Based on Actual$1,557 $1,557$1,557
6Website$1,302Prior Council approval$1,302 $1,302$1,302
7Per Capita$750Historical$750 $750$750
8State Council Assessment$250Historical$250 $250$250
9Council Insurance$279Actual$279 $279$279
10Christmas Party
10.1People With Special needs$200$200 $200$200LifeRick Gravelin
10.2Council$100$100 $100$100FamilyRay Michaud
11Widows Gifts$200$200 $200$200FamilyRay Michaud
12Right To Life$700$700 $700$700LifeRick Gravelin
13State ConventionDelegates$0$0 $0$0
14ScholarshipsWorthy Advocate$1,500$1,500 $1,500$1,500FamilyRay Michaud
15Office supplies (printing, stamps, etc.)$1,440Historical$1,440 $1,440$1,440
15.1PO Box$270$270 $270$270
15.2New Laptop$1,400$1,400 $1,400$1,400
16Special Needs (misc. Charities)
16.1COTS$240$200 $200$200CommunityBrad Chenette
16.2Wheelchairs$0$0 $0$0CommunityBrad Chenette
16.3Vt. Cath. Charities$300$250 $300$200CommunityBrad Chenette
16.4Seminarians$500$500 $500$500FaithMike Bullock
16.5St. Joseph's House$200$200 $200$200CommunityBrad Chenette
16.6State Officer Installation$0$0 $0$0
16.7Tent Rental$350$350 $350$350CommunityBrad Chenette
16.8Masses + BD cards$300$300 $300$300FaithMike Bullock
16.9SJV Parish$1,500$1,500 $1,500$1,500CommunityBrad Chenette
16.10 St Jude $250$250 $250$250
16.11 Our Lady of Mnt Carmel$200$200 $200$200
16.12 Bishop's Fund$0$0 $0$0CommunityBrad Chenette
16.13 Aspire$240$240 $240$240LifeRick Gravelin
16.14 Breakfasts$200$200 $200$200FamilyRay Michaud
16.15 Council dinners$750Historical$750 $750$750
16.16Totus TuusCamp $200$200 $200$200
17Pines "Christmas Morning" Program (Rick Gravelin)$100Annual expense$100 $100$100CommunityBrad Chenette
18Aprons for BKFTS$0One-time expense$0 $0$0CommunityBrad Chenette
19St Jude and OLMC Posters$0One-time expense$0 $0$0FamilyRay Michaud
20Discretionary Funds (Grand Knight plus Trustees, Warn if over $300)$300$300 $300$300
90.1Grand Total Proposed:$17,178$17,088 $17,138$17,038$0.00
90.312K budget plus dues$13,500$13,500 $13,500$13,500$13,500.00
90.5Delta from Income-$3,678($3,588)-$3,638-$3,538$13,500.00

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