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1Plugin Purchase - Limit Login Attemps

Limit Login Attempts - see attached snippet for invoice

Atlantic Silicone, Inchttps://limitloginattempts.com02/26/202279.00
2Website Maintenace February Bill

Here is my bill for the month of February, 2022 

Not a test. 


Thank you, God Bless 


From Rick Gravelin, Webmaster03/01/202250.00
3Article 22 Info Session at SJV

Council 7525 is underwriting this expose of the pitfalls of Article 22, a proposed Vermont Constitutional Amendment that will legalize abortion regardless of the judiciary. Fr. Tim will use the funds to advertise the event and provide some refreshments at the event. 

Council GK Discretionary funds03/10/2022100.00
4Libility Insurance
Mailing address:

46 Edinborough Drive 

Burlington, VT 05408 US 

+1 8025989001 

Vermont State Councilhttps://vtkofc.org03/01/2022249.76Vt State Knights Of Columbus
5PawPrint Camp Ta Kum Ta Post Card Mailing

Camp Ta Kum Ta Post Card Mailing.

They are invoicing us just for postage.  They are donating to Camp Ta Kum Ta their work cost of 307.03. 

6Did we get it yet?

This is a test to see If the email will be sent, 

Beef Stewhttps://kofcvt.org03/15/202215.00Me
7Rick Gravelin

test 2

Noise To Muchhttps://kofcvt.org03/15/2022300.00Me
8Rick Gravelin

Test 3 emails

Beef Stewhttps://kofcvt.org03/15/2022100.00Me
9Cyan Printer Ink for HP8600 printer at home.

Cyan Printer Ink cartridge was defective and leaked.  The replacement for one cartridge.


Stapleshttps://Staples.com03/25/202242.79Richard Gravelin
10Website Maintenance March Bill

Web Maintenance Bill

Rick Gravelin04/01/202250.00Richard Gravelin
11Post Office Box Renewal

Knights of Columbus 7525 Post office box renewal

6 Months 108.00  12 mo 216.00 

Due 4/30/2022

12Ninja Tables

Purchase of Plugin Ninja Tables to be able to show on the frontend data collected from the survey submissions.  It allow other functionality as needed in the future,  It is a hand-in-glove fit with Fluent Forms. 

On-line Purchase one Debit Card purchase
13large check and markers to re-use it in the future.

This is the cost of the large check and markers to re-use it in the future.

Please reimburse me $82.17.

Thanks, and blessings,


Staples04/12/202282.17Mike Bullock
14The Events Calendar Auto Renewal


The Events Calendar Events Calendar
15Supplies for Super Bingo

Paper plates and plastic forked and knives for lunch. 

Maplefields04/24/202220.00Tom Gravelin
16Lunch for Super Bingo Helpers

Lunch sandwiches for the Super Bingo Helpers.

Subway04/24/2022227.70Tom Gravelin
17April Web Maintenance

Webmaster website maintenance work for April

Rick Gravelinhttps://kofcvt.org05/01/202250.00Richard Gravelin
18Super Bingo Planning Team Dinner

A dinner to thank the Super Bingo planning team for all the hard work for the 2022 Bingo.

Zachary's Pizza05/02/2022152.45Tom Gravelin
19The Newsletter Plugin

Annual Renewal for Pro Version of the Newsletter Plugin 

The Newsletter Pluginhttps://henewsletterplugin.com05/19/202269.00Paid by Debit Card
20Plugin Renewal - Menu Editor Pro

Renewal of Plugin


Menu Editor Pro Like to Use KofC Debit Card
21Domain Renewal - Website controls our domain 

Updated Card information

Drummerboyhosting.comhttps://Drummerboyhosting.com06/10/202215.00Automatically renewed
22Print Friendly Renewal - Plugin

Time to renew Printer Friendly Plugin

23Website Maintenance May Bill

Monthly maintenance bill

www.kofcvt.org06/01/202250.00Richard Gravelin
24Ultimate Member Renewal plugin

This is a vital plugin.

Ultimate Member Card
25Meta Box

Meta Box Developer Tool, Personal - basic plan

Meta Box card
26Website Maintenance Bill for June

Bill for June work

Rick Gravelinhttps://kofcvt.org07/07/202250.00Richard Gravelin
27Remote PC Renewal

Renewal of the Remote PC app  5 computer user acess.  Need approval and voucher.  Will use debit card to renew. 

RemotePC of Columbus
28Christmas Morning Expense 2022

We have already paid out on this expense.  Total Cost $325.00

Varioushttps://kofcvt.org12/23/2022200.00no one Prepaid purchase
29Renew Plugin Mobile Menu for life

This is a lifetime renewal.  Discussed with Charlie.  Will save after two years. 

Mobile Menu Site01/16/2023199.03no one, Debit Card purchase
30Website Maintenace January Bill

Website Work for January 2023

Websitehttps://kofcvt.org02/01/202350.00Richard Gravelin
31Fluent Forms Pluigin Renewal

Annual Renewal  (30% savings Valentines Day Special)

WP Ninja Card used
32WP Ninja Tables Renewal

Annual Renewal  (50% off sale for Valentines day)

wpmanageninja Card
33Bank Checks & Deposit Slips

Ordered Checks and Deposit Slips for 3 Accounts:

Council 7525    =   105.87

Bingo                        76.85 

Assembly 2106        76.85

I used the Council's Credit Card as the website was confussed. 

Checks Will Be Shipped To me. 

BankChecksPlushttps://BankChecksPlus.com02/15/2023259.57Debit Card
34EventPrime Plugin

EventPrime is replacing The Events Calendar.   This is very modern and easy to use plugin for our site.  

Purchased a lifetime subscription for 89.00. The Events Calendar would be 199.00 to renew.  

Mike Approved, Rick certified. 

EventPrime02/16/202389.00Debit Card
35Website Maintenace February Bill

Here is my February bill will do check on March 1st. 

kofcvt.orghttps://kofcvt.org03/01/202350.00Rick Gravelin
36Microsoft Office 365 Subcription

This will be an annual subscription simmilar to our plugins.  The Cost of this will benefit all our accounts including Council, Assembly, and Bingo.   

I beleive there will be an incentive reduction next year for renewing.   

Microsoft Online storehttps://microsoft.com02/27/2023105.93debit card
37Limit Loggin Attempts Renewal

Limit Login Attemps  renewal

limitloginattempts.com Card
38Drummerboy Hosting Website Renewal

Our card was blocked & denied by the Bank because they suspected fraud because the payment was to a bank in California. So we are stuck with a late fee. 

Drummerboyhosting.comhttps://Drummerboyhosting.com03/24/2023101.00debit card
39Facebook Advertising Expense

Advertising Expense on Facebook for 90 mile radious = 14.00 for  9 day  

Unable to get an invoice from them. 

Facebook debit card
40Website Maintenance April 1 Bill

Bill for March Services

kofcvt,orghttps://kofcvt.org04/01/202350.00Richard Gravelin
41Facebook ad #2 Jakes's Video post

Posted Jake's new vid on Facebook. Est mated reach is 645 for another 14.00 for 10.days. Still no official invoice. 

Facebook Card
42Newsletter Plugin

Newsletter Plugin Renewal

Newsletterhttps://Newsletter.com05/29/202369.00Debit Card
43Website Domain Name Renewal

Website Domain Name Renewal

Drummerboyhosting.comhttps://Drummerboyhosting.com05/27/202315.00Super Bingo Debit Card
44Admin Menu Pro

Admin Menu Pro

Admin Menu Prohttps://adminmenueditor.com05/27/202339.00Bingo Account
45Website Maintenance Bill for June

My Bill includes Maintanace for April-May and for two of the 6 plexi glass sign holders

34.22 / 6 = 6.00 roughly.  I plan on giving 2 sign holders to kitchen here at the pines. 

Herehttps://kofcvt.org05/25/202368.00Richard Gravelin
46Menu Admin Pro Plugin Renewal

Normall renewal price went down

Menu Admin Prohttps://kofcvt.org06/01/202321.75Debit Card
47Ultimate Member Renewal for 2023-2024

Standard Annual Renewal

Ultimate Memberhttps://Ultimatemember.com06/12/2023299.00Debit Card
48Meta Box Development Tool Renewal

Annual Renewal

Meta Boxhttps://FastSprings.com06/14/202349.00Debit Card
49Website Maintenance Bill for June

This is the June Bill

Rick Gravelinhttps://kofcvt.org07/01/202350.00Richard Gravelin
50July BBQ Food

Soda, Hamburger, hotdogs, and buns.

Costcohttps://www.costco.com07/10/2023108.01Mike Bullock
51Comcast Bill for July

Auto Deduction 155.70

Comcasthttps://kofcvt.org07/17/2023155.70Monthly Auto Deduction
52Blog2Social Plugin

Blog2Social Plugin

PayPro Global Card
53RSVP Luan Tran

RSVP check to a worthy seminarian named Luan Tran.  Check from Council Funds IAW Budget.

Council 7525https://kofcvt.org07/30/2023500.00None
54Network Express

Network Express had to bring our Council Computer back to life after it took an  electrical hit and lost it's bios.  It could happen again.  I recomment we get a Unintyerupable Power Suply to buffer our gear.  


Alex @ 802 316 1741 by appointment

Network Expresshttps://kofcvt.org07/28/202343.33Network Express - by check.
55Website Maintenance Bill for July

Web Maintenace Bill for July

Rick Gravelinhttps://kofcvt.org08/01/202350.00Richard Gravelin
56Webcam for Council Bingo at SJV

Webcam for use during all SJV Bingo Games.

Best Buy08/03/202376.89Mike Bullock
57Website Maintenance Bill for August

Submitted early to help pay my car payment.  Mike approved.

kofcvt,org08/23/202350.00Richard Gravelin
58Council Dinner Meeting Reimbursement

Council Diner Meeting Reimbursement to help with car payment.

Shawshttps://shaws.com08/10/202370.87Richard Gravelin
59Remote PC renewal

Annual Remote Pc Renewal Card
60St. John Vianney Parish Sign Project

September 11, 2023

Reimburstment Request


St. John Vianney Parish Sign


Sign Material HDU (high density urethane) $180.00

Paint $120.00

Labor Free


Total $300.00

Make check payable to: Jay Benson

various09/11/2023300.00Jay Benson
61Right To Life Dinner 9/23

Please voucher for a check to cover the Right To Life Dinner. 

WGN Mike approved me to buy cups, small plates, aluminum foil, and plastic forks for SJV Parish Hall as they are out of just about everything. 

Costco and Performance Food Servicehttps://kofcvt.org09/18/20231000.00Richard Gravelin
62Website Maintenance Bill for September

September Bill

Rick Gravelinhttps://kofcvt.org10/01/202350.00Richard Gravelin
63Bingo Supplies

Second bill for pop -open tickets.  We have unopened tickets that we will never use that I will return for my next trip to Best Bingo.  The credit we get for that should lower our next bill.

BBS Gaminghttps://bbsgaming.com09/21/2023138.03BBS Gaming
64Storage Rack

This is an expense against the council bingo account as approved by the GK and purchased with my personal credit card.

Amazon10/30/202364.19Ray Michaud
65Website Maintenance Bill for October

Website Maintenance

Rick Gravelinhttps://kofcvt.org11/01/202350.00Richard Gravelin
66Website Maintenance Bill for November

Website Maintenance Bill for November

Rick Gravelin*11/30/202350.00Richard Gravelin
67Christmas Morning Project

Distribution of $300.00 as Budgeted in 2023-2024 budget for the Christmas Morning event at the Pines in So. Burlington, 25 December 2023.

Pines, So. Burlington*12/01/2023300.00Richard Gravelin
68Bingo Supplies

Bill for pop-open tickets purchased for November bingo.  Invoice attached and should be remitted to BBS Bingo at their Colchester address.

BBS Gaminghttps://bbsgaming.com11/13/2023232.19BBS Gaming
69Bernie Prendergast's 2023 expenses for reimbursement

Stamps:  77.04

Masses: 220.00 

Cards and Envelopes: 23.53

nonehttps://kofcvt.org12/01/2023320.57Bernie Prendergast
702024 State Council Ad

Full page Ad for Convention split between Council and Assembly. Full cost is $125 so need $62.50 each payable to "VT KofC State Council". 

Give both checks to GK Mike Bullock for submission of Ad copy. 

S: March 14, 2024

VT KofC State Council03/10/2024125.00Two checks for $62.50 each from Council and Assembly
71Vermont Secretary of State Biennial Business Report

Fee for reporting council 7525 every two years

VT SEC STATEhttps://bizfilings.vermont.gov02/19/202420.00Mike Bullock
72Microsoft Office 365 Subscription for 2024

Normal Renewal

Microsofthttps://microsoft.com03/05/2024105.93Debit Card
73Website: Limit Login Attempts Renewal

Standard Renewal fee

limitloginattempts.com02/29/202479.99Debit Card
74Council Bingo Supplies

Expense for monthly council bingo.  Invoice attached.

BBS Gaminghttps://bbsgaming.com03/19/2024337.05BBS Gaming
75Lunch Ladies Gift Certificates

As voted by the members, Lenten Fish Fry proceeds were directed to recognize the contributions of 4 Lunch Ladies who helped make the evening a success. 

Home Depot03/14/2024239.60Mike Bullock
76Msgr Thomas Ball Open Chaplain's Golf fee

The budget calls for the payment of the golf fee for our Chaplain every year. (Note-if the Chaplain cannot golf-he can donate his slot to anyone of his choosing)

K of C Council 228403/25/2024100.00K of C Council 2284 (Mailed to Brad Chenette)
77126th Convention Council 7525 Gift Basket Donation

Councils are requested to create a gift basket or pay to have one made for auction at the convention. We elected to donate the funds rather than create the basket. 

Check should be mailed to Joseph E. Young

375 Young Road

Craftsbury Common, VT 05827


N/A04/08/202450.00Knights of Columbus State Council
78Bingo Supplies

Council bingo expense.  Needed fresh supply of bingo paper.

BBS Gaminghttps://bbsgaming.com04/15/2024220.42BBS Gaming

Bingo Supplies

126th Convention Council 7525 Gift Basket Donation

Msgr Thomas Ball Open Chaplain’s Golf fee

Lunch Ladies Gift Certificates

Council Bingo Supplies