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For the good of the order

Please pray for the following people who are ill or in distress and their families; Robert (Bob) Gravelin, Keith Marston, Gary Howe and Family, Family of the late Paul Pouliot, Christopher Haley (homeless veteran), Parker Yvonne Lyon (Granddaughter of Tom Gravelin)...

For the good of the order

Please Pray for the following: Joe Myers and Family, Jeffrey Claude Danis and family Tom Westropp, Andrew Bolognani, PSD/PGK Don Sutton, Ray & Bev Newman, PGK Ray Miller, Stuart Fath, Dan Smith, David Bullock, Repose of the soul of Fr. Hamilton Repose of the soul...


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Meeting Miinutes

Page 1 of 3Council 7525 Meeting MinutesApr. 15, 20211. Call to Order: 7 PM by GK Mike Bullock (16 brother knights were in attendance; 5 on Zoom, plus 1 guest-Mrs. Alice Benson by invitation of GK)2. Opening Prayer: Lord's Prayer lead by GK Mike Bullock3. Pledge of...