Audit Membership Status

Applicant/MemberStatusStatus DateRecommendedRequestedPresentedApprovedAwardedInsuranceAsscociate
George FarewayNew Member01/03/202301/13/2301/20/23
Johnny ComelatelyNew Member01/20/202301/02/23

Scholarship Status

Scholarship Status
ApplicantRelation MemberTypeStatusStatus DateRecommendedRequestedPresentedApprovedAwarded
Rick GravelinSelfArchie MyersActive01/23/202301/20/2301/23/23

Attendees For Exemplification

WhenWhereMemberStatusStatus Date
05/02/23Montpieler, VtGravelinPlanning01/23/23

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Council Reporting
Council Reporting
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Slate of Officers for 2023-2024 Fraternal Year

Shall the Council vote to approve the slate of officers prepared by the Trustees? (Note- all officers are willing to serve again next year) 

Sponsor a Bingo Game during the SuperBingo

Shall Council 7525 sponsor a $500 or $1,000 Game during the Super Bingo for Kids with Cancer in support of Camp Ta Kum Ta?  This is not in the Budget.  This item was tabled at the 9 FEB Business' Meeting.

Bingo Equipment Investment

Shall the Council Members approve the lending of funds in the amount of $4,000 to the Saint John Vianney Bingo Committee. Said funds to be paid back, interest free, from net receipts of monthly bingos held at Saint John Vianney. 

125th State Convention Delegates and Alternates

Shal the membership vote to approve the slate of convention delegates and alternates as nominated by the Council Officers? 

Home handicap accessible cost for Ron Sweet

Shall Council 7525 pay to farmer Ronnie Sweet $500-600 to assist him in paying for modifications to make his home accessible to his disabled mother-in-law?

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