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First Friday Adoration, Scriptural Rosary

Saint John Vianney Church 160 Hinesburg Road, South Burlington, VT

Join your fellow Knights in adoration of the blessed sacrament on First Fridays in satisfaction of the Faith Holy Hour at Saint John Vianney Church. We will lead the congregation […]

State Convention at Jay Peak

Jay Peak Resort 830 Jay Peak Road, North Troy, VT, VT

13-15 MAY22 State Convention at Jay Peak


General Items of Interest and Discussions

Ray Newman passed this morning

“Lenny was a 4th degree knight from the Rutland area who resided at Allen Homes in SB. Jeff Lindemenn, Parick Leduc and I had the privilege of driving Lenny to mass at SJV over the past several years. Lenny was known as the “pie man” who baked pies as a hobby to keep active. He always had a smile and a joke to anyone who would listen. He did attend one of our meetings several years ago. The priests serving SJV knew him very well as did several of our members. He became a 4th degree knight more than 50 years ago. He was 107 years old and the oldest WWII veteran in Vermont. He died on Christmas day.”

-Ray Michaud

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