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Saint John Vianney Church Parish Center
Thu, 18 Apr, 04:00 PM
Chance to win $1,000. Light snacks and beverages available. Once a month bingo to Support The Knights of Columbus Council 7525 and the Saint John Vianney Parish. Doors Open at 4:30 PM and Bingo starts at 6:30 PM.  Refreshments are available. Price List:
12 cards  $14
15 cards  $16
18 cards  $17
21 cards  $19
24 cards  $20
28 cards  $22
32 cards  $25
36 cards  $29
Early Birds (5 games)  $5 for a pack of 5 cards
Ticket Game (2 games) $4 each  - winner gets 40 pop-open tickets
Shot Gun (2 games) $2 each
Mini-coverall $3 each
Last Game (winner takes all)    $1 each
We also have 8 Door Prizes:
3 players get 3 free sheets to play for the entire night on the regular games.
5 players get 5 free pop-open tickets
There is also the choice to participate in the Jar games.  We collect $1 from each player who chooses to participate and if they bingo by themselves on the selected jar number, they win whatever is in the jar plus the regular game prize.

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