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Ray Newman passed this morning

“Lenny was a 4th degree knight from the Rutland area who resided at Allen Homes in SB. Jeff Lindemenn, Parick Leduc and I had the privilege of driving Lenny to mass at SJV over the past several years. Lenny was known as the “pie man” who baked pies as a hobby to keep active. He always had a smile and a joke to anyone who would listen. He did attend one of our meetings several years ago. The priests serving SJV knew him very well as did several of our members. He became a 4th degree knight more than 50 years ago. He was 107 years old and the oldest WWII veteran in Vermont. He died on Christmas day.”

-Ray Michaud

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    St. Judes BBQ June 28th

    The Knights helping at the June 28th St. Jude Confirmation celebration BBQ.

      June 2021 Minutes


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      Thank you for volunteering!


      Volunteer Reminder



      Planning for Tootsie Role Event

      Come one come all

        For the good of the order

        Please Pray for the following: Joe Myers and Family, Jeffrey Claude Danis and family Tom Westropp, Andrew Bolognani, PSD/PGK Don Sutton, Ray & Bev Newman, PGK Ray Miller, Stuart Fath, Dan Smith, David Bullock, Repose of the soul of Fr. Hamilton Repose of the soul...

        Deacon Joseph Lane. 3rd and 4th degree Member # 01717260

        Deacon Joseph Lane. 3rd and 4th degree
        Member # 01717260

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          Let me entertain you

          Let me entertain you

            Families Need To Be Together

            Let us build Strong Families.

              Age Well Volunteer

              Provide assistance to the elderly and shut-ins of our local community.

                My First Post

                My First Post

                  What is I to do?

                  What is I to do?

                    Your Seminarian Support

                    You will be a preist young man!

                      Happy Easter!

                      Worthy Officers, Brothers and Sir Knights,

                        ACTION ALERT: HR 5 The So-Called Equality Act

                        CALL TO ACTION:

                        Contact your U.S. Senators with letters, emails, and calls
                        urging them to vote “No” on this bill.

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                          I want to Join the Knights of Columbus!

                            Let Us Remember Teamwork

                            We kare

                              We Are Knights That Go

                              We Go

                                Mary Ingles Needs Help

                                Widow Needs help

                                  Received Scholarship Request

                                  Scholarship Reques

                                    Codemonkey here to help

                                    It’s almst wet!

                                      Plan Your Easter Sunday Dinner Now!

                                      Great Recipeis

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